“Encrypted Fills” Inaugural Digital Exhibition Includes Enzo Sarto Work

Angel No.1 by Enzo Sarto among the work included in the inaugural exhibit for Encrypted FillsThe work of Enzo Sarto has been included in the inaugural exhibition of "Encrypted Fills". A new digital exhibition space and archive created by Ryan Seslow and RJ Rushmore for creations at the intersection of digital art and street art. Essentially, the site archives artworks being produced specifically for the internet by street artists. Encrypted Fills brings together the best of a usually disparate set of artworks onto one website and into what will become a collection of digital exhibitions.

“We are very excited about this development,” says Ryan, “We want to promote this work and identify it as something particular and distinct from other art being produced in the street art and graffiti communities, and we also want to preserve the best examples of it for posterity, lest in the future we think of these works as standard and forget the artistic leaps that were made in the last few years and those that will be made in the years to come.”

For Encrypted Fills’ inaugural and eponymous exhibition, we have collected a range of pieces from more than a dozen artists to show the breadth of what street artists are doing when they move into digital art. Exhibited artists include Enzo Sarto, INSA, Rone, Olek, Peter Drew, John Fekner, Jilly Ballistic, Stinkfish, Enzo & Nio, Gaia, Caroline Caldwell, Abe Lincoln Jr., Adam VOID, Swampy, Leon Reid IV, General Howe, CAKE, Broken Fingaz and Ryan Seslow.


Brooklyn Street Art: Images of the week featuring Enzo Sarto

Brooklyn Street Art - Images of the week featuring Enzo Sarto for October 12, 2014It is always an honor to be featured in Brooklyn Street Art along with other artists including: Bishop203, Blek le Rat, Caratoes, Cone SP, Cost, Dasic, Eelco “Virus” van den Berg, ENX, Enzo Sarto, Jerk Face, Nemo’s, Ripo, and Trash Bird. Click on the link to see more from Enzo Sarto and the other great artists mentioned above. (photo credit: Jaime Rojo)









Background Noise: Enzo & Nio

Matt Bomarr interviews Enzo and Nio about their art and musicEnzo & Nio were proud to be part of Matt Bomarr's excellent "Background Noise" podcast series featuring interviews and music selections from an ever-growing collection of international street artists. Each great entry of the series offers examples of each artist's work, an overview by Matt Bomarr and an in-depth interview followed by the podcast in an easy-to-access and listen to format.

In their installment, Enzo and Nio share some of their earliest music memories and share opinions on how music effects and influences their work. Click on the image to the right to visit Background Noise - Episode 8 Enzo & Nio.

Or, just use the handy player below and listen while you visit EnzoSarto.com!


The Bomarr Blog Presents: The Background Noise Podcast Series, Episode 8: Enzo & Nio by Bomarr on Mixcloud



“Outdoor Gallery - New York City” Street Art Book Includes Enzo & Nio Work and Interviews (2)

Enzo & Nio are featured in Outdoor Gallery - New York CityOutdoor Gallery – New York City documents the vibrant and diverse outdoor art of New York, a global epicenter for street art and graffiti. The book features works created by 46 of the most prolific artists working on the streets of New York City. The beautifully photographed artworks are accompanied by illuminating interviews, which consist of the artists’ thoughts on New York, the current state of street art, the future of this dynamic medium, and their own work and processes. As outdoor art is ephemeral and constantly changing, it is necessarily current and relevant, Outdoor Gallery captures the zeitgeist of this dynamic countercultural art form in the context of the global movement.

Other artists profiled in Outdoor Gallery- New York City include:
Chris Stain, Toofly, Joe Iurato, Alice Mizarachi, Nick Walker, Dain, OCMC, Lillian Lorraine, Astrodub, Russell King, Elle Deadsex, Adam Dare, Fumero, Army of One, ASVP, Jilly Ballistic, Enzo and Nio, Miyok, Gilf!, Icy and Sot, Tripel, Hellbent, EKG, Optimo, Roycer, Shiro, Indie184, Cope2, Free5, Cern, Sofia Maldonado, Phetus88, Bishop203, Never Satisfied, ChrisRWK, VengRWK, Gaia, The Yok, Sheryo, Kram, elsol25, bunny M, QRST, ND'A, OverUnder, LunarNewYear, Billy Mode, DirtyBandits, Shinshin, Eras and Adam Cost.


Enzo & Nio Keep it Real

from Vandalog  Enzo & Nio Future-Now girl keeping a watchful eye in NYC

Although I’ve hardly written about Enzo and Nio on Vandalog before, I’ve been a big fan of their work for a while now. They work together to put up some great street art, mostly around NYC and other East Coast cities and in the form of wheatpastes and stickers. Their work is clever and fun, but also a bit controversial at times, which might explain why I haven’t known them to do any outdoor work with permission. There aren’t many street artists left in New York City with their talents who haven’t transitioned into doing primarily legal work, so I have to hand it to Enzo and Nio for keeping their work to street art’s roots of illegal free expression and surprise. Also, while so many street artists quickly fall into a pattern with one or two trademark styles that they unwaveringly stick to, Enzo and Nio put out a visually diverse range of street art. (Click to see original article and more)