Enzo & Nio support the petition to decriminalize street art in Barcelona

Stop Arresting Artists! by Xupet Negre in response to strict Barcelona laws against street art

In 2012 Enzo & Nio debuted their work in Europe in Barcelona, Spain. There they met a welcome and enthusiastic audience. Their work in Barcelona got them a lot of exposure including a magazine cover, an in-depth interview and a spot in the movie "Las Calles Hablan", a movie about the Barcelona street art scene.

Enzo & Nio's work in Barcelona exposed them to a lot of artists and other amazing people who are very serious and enthusiatistic about how street art positively effects the urban environment in the city. Unfortunately, beginning in 2006 the local government began conducting an increasingly restrictive campaign to eliminate this modern art movement from the city landscape. To date the government is actively persecuting, harassing and arresting artists and also removing incredible pieces of work from public spaces including masterpieces by Keith Haring and Os Gemeos! The government has also begun to dictate that street-art-friendly shop owners cannot have street art on their shop shutters!

In an effort to curb the local government's war on street art, the makers of the film "Las Calles Hablan" have created a petition to get the local government  to cease their no-tolerance program and to see street art for what it really is: a cultural asset for Barcelona and many cities in the world just like it.

Enzo & Nio fully support the Barcelona Street Art Petition and urge their Spanish friends to investigate it and sign it. Enzo & Nio also encourage their fans from the USA and other cities and countries to support it in spirit and with encouragement to our Spanish friends.