Background Noise: Enzo & Nio

Matt Bomarr interviews Enzo and Nio about their art and musicEnzo & Nio were proud to be part of Matt Bomarr's excellent "Background Noise" podcast series featuring interviews and music selections from an ever-growing collection of international street artists. Each great entry of the series offers examples of each artist's work, an overview by Matt Bomarr and an in-depth interview followed by the podcast in an easy-to-access and listen to format.

In their installment, Enzo and Nio share some of their earliest music memories and share opinions on how music effects and influences their work. Click on the image to the right to visit Background Noise - Episode 8 Enzo & Nio.

Or, just use the handy player below and listen while you visit!


The Bomarr Blog Presents: The Background Noise Podcast Series, Episode 8: Enzo & Nio by Bomarr on Mixcloud