Enzo & Nio invade the Heart of MIT and Hit Up Firebrand Saints

The popular MIT watering hole and eatery Firebrand Saints of Cambridge, MA, hosted an evening with Enzo & Nio in which the boys were lured from NYC to add some work to  FBS's walls. Enzo & Nio obliged and created a giant collage using the existing artwork and a blend of their own personal favorite E&N work. A large crowd, a great DJ, free PBR and some of the finest food in the Boston area made for a memorable night. Edon Productions created an excellent video documenting the evenings events - check it out!


Enzo & Nio @ Firebrand Saints from eDon Productions on Vimeo.


RJ Rushmore Makes His Choices for MOCAtv

RJ Rushmore of Vandalog explains his selections for the MOCAtv Upload More Art challenge which included Enzo & Nio's appearance in Dega Film's "Wild in the Streets"


Dega Films' Wild in the Streets with Enzo & Nio

Dega Films have released the Enzo & Nio segment of their New York City street art documentary "Wild in the Streets. Dega Films takes a unique approach in this documentary by eschewing dialogue driven interviews in favor of action-filled montages against a sonic backdrop of independent music. The product is a compelling look at various NYC street artists doing what they do.

Wild In The Streets: Enzo & Nio from DEGA films on Vimeo.


Enzo & Nio make a cameo in Las Calles Hablan (The Streets Talk)

Onist Films released "Las Calles Hablan" (The Streets Talk), an excellent film about the changing Barcelona street art scene. Using footage and interviews from popular street artists the film looks at the vibrant Barcelona street art scene and how it is under persecution from a government that doesn't understand the importance that street art has played in the city's international profile as a center for arts and culture. Las Calles Hablan features many Barcelona and international street artists including a cameo of Enzo and Nio.

Las Calles Hablan from justininbcn on Vimeo.


Brooklyn Street Art's "2012 Images of the Year" Includes Enzo & Nio

Enzo and Nio were proud to have their work included in Brooklyn Street Art's "2012 Images of the Year" video. The video includes some of the most compelling pieces of street art to appear in New York over the course of 2012. Thanks to Jamie Rojo and Steve Harrington for including E&N!